Working in the heat

Not having blogged in about 3 years, getting back into this is going to prove to be quite the exercise. But one that I’ve decided is worth it! And besides, there is nothing better to do because it is so so so hot. Actually, I am wondering when I am going to be getting all of my work done, being so hindered by the heat. Besides having a few orders remaining to fill, I am going to be selling at Otakon this year and am really set on having an impressive amount of stock for my half table. I guess it will have to get done, but I am determined to have no last minute all nighters this time around!

I’ve made a decision not to participate in the Otakon fashion show as a designer this year, not because I think that I wouldn’t have time but I just feel like the timing is inappropriate for me and I am still developing the brand concept of Sweet Mildred. I would much rather develop products to sell, as I am more interested in the customer aspect, rather than promotion. Does that make sense? I feel like the more people that I can get in my products, and make feel beautiful…that will in the end have a much more positive impact than participating in the fashion show. But I hope that one day I will be able to show there.

So that comes back to making stock…I hope to have at least 8 dresses newly made for the convention. I get so caught up in the hair accessory business that it feels like forever since I have actually made a dress, but last night as I was standing over the table with a rotary cutter in hand, I was so excited about what I was about to make, I wanted to start sewing right then. That was a great feeling that I hadn’t felt in a while, and hopefully it will repeat itself tonight! hah. Here’s hoping for inspiration, as well as a cool breeze and relief from this wretched heat.
empire waist jsks, waiting to be made


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